Nandalala Navanitachora chanted by Shivapriya and Prashanti

Em             G
Nanda-lala nava-nita-chora
Am           G    Em
Nata-vara-lala gopala

Em              G
        Am   G       Em
Deva-deva gopala
           Am       G       Em
(Hari deva-deva gopala)

Complete notes & chords

Performed by:
Shivapriya – harmonium, vocals
Prashanti – tanpura, vocals

This Kirtan celebrates two aspects of Krishna: The energy of him as the light-footed playful dancer (nata-vara-lala) and his engery as the lovingly caring cowherd (gopala).
Let the words and melody envelop you like a warm embrace.

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Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence
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Om Shanti

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