Jay Radha Madhava chanted by Ramani

Em G D Em

Jaya Radha-madhava, Jaya Kunja-bihari

G D Em

Jaya Gopijana Vallabha, Jaya Girivaradhari


Yashoda Nandana, Brajajana Ranjana

D Em

Yashoda Nandana, Brajajana Ranjana

G D Em

Yamuna Tira Vana Chari, Yamuna Tira Vana Chari

Performed by Ramani

This mantra is a particularly lovely mantra, a particularly beautiful mantra, which is especially directed at Krishna in his closeness to nature.

Jaya means „victory on“ or „may triumph“.

Radha means love, joy, compassion and is the female aspect of Krishna. Madhava means „the lovely one“.

It thus expresses Krishna’s closeness to nature. He is Gopijanavallabha, he is the husband or the lover of all the gopis.

He is Girivaradhari, he is the one who ultimately lifted the mountain and protects all his devotees.

He is Yashodanandana, he is the joy of his foster mother Yashoda.

Also, he is Brajajanaranjana, which means he delights everyone around.

And he is Yamunatiravanachari, which means he wanders in the forest on the banks of the Yamuna.

🙏 Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence

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Om Shanti

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