Radhe Govinda by Mantra Circle feat. Shankara (arranged by Shankara)

Hm                  D
Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare
A                         Hm
Hey Prabhu Dina Dayala Hare
Hm                           G
Radhe, Radhe, Govinda, Govinda Radhe
D                             A
Radhe, Radhe, Govinda, Govinda Radhe

Mantra for devotion, love and unity.

Performed by
Shankara – vocals, harmonium
Ramani – vocals, egg shaker
Christos – vocals

Govinda and Gopala are names of Krishna, who is an avatar of Vishnu, who is also called Hare. Radhe is the wife of Krishna.
„Prabhu Dina Dayala“ is an expression for savior of the poor.

„For me, this version means pure devotion. I try not to sing, but to be sung. Not to put anything in the way of every sound that may come, to become empty, to become still. Back to the source. Hari Om Tat Sat.“
(Shankara) www.shankarayoga.de

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Mantra/ kirtan chanting is a wonderful practice to open the heart and to feel divine presence

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Om Shanti

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