The Heart Sutra Gate Gate Paragate with Jula

The Heart Sutra is considered one of the most famous Buddhist texts and, as an ancient Japanese translation, is at the center of numerous schools of Zen. In it, the Buddha Avalokiteshvara teaches about the highest virtue on the path to enlightenment: perfect wisdom, in Sanskrit Prajnaparamita, that is, the knowledge of the emptiness of all phenomena. The mantra is the conclusion and climax of the sutra.

The meaning of the syllables
GATE means „gone“, the passage from suffering to liberation from suffering.
PARA amplifies GATE and means „to the other shore“, „all the way“.
GAM amplifies GATE and means „all living beings“, „the whole Sangha“.
BODHI means the attained state of „enlightenment“ or „awakening“.
SVAHA means „May the meaning of the mantra take root in my heart!
comparable to „Amen“ or „Hallelujah“.

Mantras are powerful sound energies in Sanskrit, a prayer and chant language.

The correct use of these sound energies helps to achieve health, inner harmony, mental clarity, powerful life energy, unfolding of love and joy. The highest goal of Mantra Yoga, as always in yoga, is the realization of the true nature, the oneness with the infinite life itself. Mantra Yoga is considered one of the most powerful, simple, safe and fast ways to this realization.

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